Co-Op Advertising Dollars Management

We Help Grow Your Business by Getting Free Advertising From Co-Op Dollars
We Help Grow Your Business by Getting Free Advertising From
Co-Op Dollars

Think of Co-Op dollars as a rewards program offered by many manufacturers to companies that buy their products. Based on the volume of inventory bought every year the local company gets a percentage of eligible funds to advertise their company as long as the manufacturer’s logo is displayed in the ad. These co-op funds either get used each year or they expire unused.

Co-op advertising benefits both manufacturer and the local company. It enables the manufacturer to sell more products and services through their sales channels, and it enables the local company to offset most of their advertising investment. These restrictions, guidelines, and rules concerning proof of delivery is why an estimated $14 billion in available co-op marketing funds go unused every year. The needed time, process and paperwork required by an already overwhelmed business owner is a major contributing factor for funds going unused.

All City Ads makes the overall process easy and helps from start to finish. We help you determine which of your manufacturers have co-op programs and the amount of co-op advertising funds your business is entitled to. Then we  help with the artwork and submission to your manufacturers to get approved. 

Then you can decide where to utilize those funds and choose from our advertising (Mini-Billboards) or from others (Print, Digital Media, TV, Billboards, Benches, etc.) 

What is Co-op Advertising:
Co-op advertising is short for cooperative advertising. Co-op advertising is an arrangement between a manufacturer (or distributor) and their resellers to market a product or service for the benefit of both parties. Most well known manufacturers will give their resellers some portion of money back as co-op advertising funds in order to market their products.

Co-op advertising can be a very powerful tool for the local business owner who have limited advertising resources. Utilizing the much larger resource pool of the manufacturer which has developed marketing campaigns and provide added funds from such an agreement can improve the quality of advertising, broaden the scope of its distribution and execution, and drive partnership between the manufacturer and reseller. It can also create important links between products and the small business owner who handles the product for the manufacturer.

All manufacturers and distributors have certain rules that resellers must follow in order to be in compliance as they receive their co-op advertising funds. These rules vary from manufacturer-to-manufacturer and industry-to-industry. All of these programs require proof of performance in order to get co-op marketing funds, and many co-op marketing programs require prior approval before executing co-op marketing campaigns.

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