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City Partners

25% of Every Advertising Dollar Goes to The Cities That We Operate In, Creating Hundreds of Thousands to Millions of Revenue For Your City Each Year. We Implement and Manage the Advertising Program from Start to Finish.

Top Benefits to Your City

Mayor, City Commissioners, Public Works Director, Please Read Below

· Advertisements are placed on the top of the garbage bin so that only the homeowners can see it. This keeps neighborhoods looking residential and not commercialized. In addition, there are zero costs to the homeowner.

· No City staff or resources will be needed for this program. We will operate everything ourselves and there will be zero costs to the City. We pay for and install the hardware, get the advertisers, collect the funds, install the ads and maintain them. There would be zero burden on your city staff. We will take care of everything from start to finish.

· Be part of the early implementation of this program and take credit for that partnership. Have that recognition and benefits of that for years to come and everything that comes with being a city that innovates and leads.

· A percentage of each advertising dollar revenue (25%) goes to the cities that we operate in exchange for us to utilize their bins for this program. The city has an opportunity to create needed programs or services or supplement existing ones better where there are not enough resources currently available. Generate hundred of thousand to millions dollars per year for the city where funds did not come from taxes or any other government funded sources. City leadership (Mayor, City Commissioners, Public Works Director, etc.) can decide where funds can be allocated. For example, Cities have different districts. Imagine if each Commissioner has access to extra funds each year for programs that they wanted to do in their districts but there was never funds for those projects. Using this example amount, city would still have plenty of funds to include other programs, etc.

· You always have the right to veto an advertisement or advertiser if you do not feel it is appropriate. We are transparent, and your city will receive a copy of the terms and funds collected from the advertisers.

All City Ads is based in South Florida. Our initial service area includes cities located in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties

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